• Associates in Biology- Bevill State Community College

Growing up I have always had a profound interest and curiosity for the wild; whether it be in the water or in the woods. I had be blesssd with the experience of running around the banks of the Black Warrior River helping my grandfather haul in trout lines, jugs, and traps; to wading miles upon miles down valley creek to just enjoy natures abundance and peace. Bringing me closer to the planet we all share and survive from.

Though I currently only carry an Associates, I believe experience is far greater than education. Pushing myself beyond my limit, whether it be with a harsh hike, countless days of getting outsmarted by a whitetail, or spending weeks on end scaping the perfect aquascape. Patience, determination, and hardship aren’t earned through a piece of paper. That is something only experience can give you. Luckily, it came through to help me when offered the position. Not needing a diploma to back me up.

DISL has treated me like family. They took a gamble and hopefully they can say as I, that they have profited as much as I have from the short time I have been with this team. Teaching me work goes beyond what you do while you’re there. Like my curator says “The more you learn, the less you know.”