Tina Miller-Way, Ph.D.

Chair, Discovery Hall Programs, Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Tina serves as Chair of Discovery Hall Programs for Education and Outreach. Tina holds a Ph.D. from Louisiana State University, a M.S. from Oregon State University, and completed a post-doc at DISL. She taught at the University of Mobile for more than a decade before returning to DISL. Her research interests include macrofaunal mediation of benthic-pelagic coupling, hypoxia, and science pedagogy.

Tina has a particular fondness for worms and clams, the unsung heroes of the benthic world. She has lived on all 4 coasts (east, west, Gulf, and the Great Lakes) and loves to travel, especially to coastal regions!

In addition to chairing Discovery Hall, Tina currently serves as the lead to the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium Education Team and serves on the national Sea Grant Education Network. She has focused on internship programs and professional learning programs for educators. Through her work, DHP has received grants from MASGC, NOAA-OE, NOAA-BWET, NSF, Legacy, GOMA, EPA, NGI, and GoMRI.