The Dauphin Island Sea Lab’s Summer University Program is proud to offer undergraduate classes during the academic year. Our SeaMester program is designed to give hands on and on the water experiences during college courses that you can not receive while on our MESC campuses.

Undergraduate Students on R/V Alabama Discovery

Currently, undergraduate courses are offered in the Spring and Summer. Students may take the courses during their junior or senior year with the option of living in residence on Dauphin Island.

The undergraduate courses are open to any in-state or out-of-state students.

How to Apply

  1. Find a MESC School and contact their Liason officer
  2. Register with your MESC School
  3. Register at DISL
  4. Confirm your registration with your MESC School and DISL

Students who do not attend a MESC school will need to coordinate their interests with DISL’s University Programs registrar.

Spring Registration

  1. Complete the online DISL undergraduate application.
    • You will need to provide proof of registration with your home MESC school.
    • Complete the vessel release and medical release forms. Notary required on each. You will upload these forms during the application process.
  2. Once you complete your application, you will receive a login to Populu via email.
    • Login to Populi to register for the classes you want to take under the student tab.
    • Click the + or - icons to add or delete a class.
    • Press save when you have your preferred courses selected.
  3. Select the my profile tab, then the registration tab.
  4. Email your proof of registration to DISL UP Registrar

Spring Semester Fees*

  • Application Fee: 75.00 - paid once, if you are already a DISL student this fee is waived.
  • Registration Fee: 35.00
  • Student ID fee: 10.00/academic year
  • Parking Fee: 15.00/acadmic year
  • Lab Fee: 20.00/credit hour
  • Activity Fee: 10.00/Semester
  • Facility Fee: 270.00/Semester
  • Printing Fee: 30.00/Semester
  • Late Payment Fee: 50.00/Semester
    • All of the above fees are paid to DISL directly. Any other fees the MESC school may require are the students responsibility as well

Confirming your DISL & MESC Registration

For more information contact DISL University Programs Registrar via email registrar@disl.edu by phone (251)861-2141, ext. 7526.