USFWS Manatee Sighting Report

USFWS Manatee Sighting Report
Date of Sighting
Time of Sighting
Location of Sighting
Nearest City to Sighting
County of Sighting
State of Sighting
Name of Waterway Manatees Were Sighted In
Manatee Details
Number of Manatees (total)
Number of Adults
Average Length of Adult (ft)
Number of Calves
Average Length of Calf
Manatee Condition
Did Manatee Have the Following
Tag Number
Tag Color
Tagged/Belted Manatee Name
Tagged/Belted manatee MIPS ID
Photos Submitted
Photo Identified Manatees
Additional Information
Additional Information
MSN Personnel Reporting to USFWS
Sighting Confirmed
Confidence Code Level
Report Date
Personnel Affiliation
Date Sent to USFWS