(May 10, 2021) --

Moon snail shells(right) and oyster drill shells (left) are the most commonly found on our beaches.

Aquarium educator Mendel Graeber invites you to join her on a treasure hunt. During the May 5 Boardwalk Talk, Graeber kicked off the two-part series by pointing out a variety of items you could find on the beach. 

Sea beans are seeds from tropical plants.

Many of those shells you find on the beach used to be a snail's home.  Some common snail shells you'll find on our beaches are the moon snail shell and the oyster drill.  You may also find clam shells, oyster shells, and mussels. Some shells you find may have a small hole which seems perfect for stringing on a necklace. That hole was made by a predator.

Sea beans are another cool find. They look like little black rocks. However, they are a large variety of drift seeds that originate from tropical plants. These seeds can travel hundreds of miles and drift for years before you find them. 

What else can you find at the beach? Or what about that neat find you have displayed on your shelf from a recent trip? Send us your pictures and we'll help you identify what you found. 

Pictures can be emailed to mgraeber@disl.edu. Then, join us on June 2 at facebook.com/disealabestuarium at 11:15 a.m. to learn more about your cool find. 

Watch the first episode in this two-part series below.