(November 25, 2020) --

We appreciate the public and their concern for this sick whale and their understanding as we continued our search to safely do our work. Our team of biologists and veterinarians were able to successfully and humanely euthanize the whale Wednesday morning, November 25. Euthanasia was the best option for this animal who was suffering and unable to swim and survive any longer in the wild. 

The process went very smoothly. We were able to find a window of calm weather to sedate the animal and administer the medication necessary.

The Alabama Marine Mammal Stranding Network and DISL Marine Mammal Research Program thank all of our collaborators including the AL Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Mississippi, NOAA NMFS.

If you see a sick or injured marine mammal we ask that you call trained responders at 1-877-whale-help (942-5343), please do not attempt to intervene. Animals strand for a reason, pushing an animal back into the ocean only delays the necessary attention and treatment it may need.