Join Discovery Hall Programs at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab during Alabama’s bicentennial year to consider the environmental history of our state.  

A new multiday workshop, Time traveling through our coastal history using seashells: A STEAM approach, linking science, history, and art will be held July 16 through the 19. The workshop is designed for middle and high school teachers.

During the workshop, educators will explore how scientists use seashells and radiocarbon dating to consider human interactions with our coastal ecosystems and investigate past environmental conditions in the Gulf of Mexico.  They will collect living and dead molluscan communities while aboard the R/V Alabama Discovery, discuss the science underlying hypoxia, uncover the technology and math behind radiocarbon dating, and explore hands-on activities that can be used to communicate these concepts with their students.

Along the way, there will be an opportunity to get creative by designing a Postcard from the Past and learn about ways to use this project to enable their students to imagine being in another time, place, culture, and climate.
This workshop is a partnership among DISL’s Discovery Hall Programs, Dr. Paul Harnik with Franklin and Marshall College, and Ms. Nancy Raia with the Eastern Shore Art Center.

To learn more about this workshop, visit or email