Discovery Hall's Marine Science Course for high school students has long been a well-respected and popular choice for students who are seriously interested in marine science. The residential, immersive academic course gives students the equivalent of a high school science class, but in an action-packed four-week period on a barrier island! From in-the-habitat and on-the-boat field trips, to classroom lectures, hands-on laboratory lessons, and career exploration, students experience it all.

With the jam-packed schedule, students are living, sleeping and probably dreaming marine science. Days are spent learning the many areas of marine science, including salt marsh ecology, marine vertebrate zoology, invertebrate zoology, a bit of physical oceanography, marine botany, a bit of biogeochemistry, beach and dune ecology, plankton ecology, deep sea biology, marine technology, and even human uses and abuses of the ocean world. However, instead of lecture after lecture, learning takes place in the habitat, on the Sea Lab boats, inshore and offshore, using the equipment, collecting specimens, analyzing the data and discussing the information.

In addition, students take part in two off-island field trips. On the first trip, students head to New Orleans for a behind-the-scenes tour at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans, Louisiana and get to see parts of the Gulf coast along the way. The second trip takes students on an overnight excursion to snorkel in the seagrass beds and jetty areas of St. Andrew’s Bay, in Panama City, Florida.

For many students, this class becomes a highlight of their high school experience. Discovery Hall Programs’ educators become mentors to these students, counselors have become some of their biggest supporters and peers have become lifelong friends. Regardless of whether they have chosen to study marine science, participation in the course has often allowed their college application to stand out from others.

Despite the impressive content, resources, and trips provided to the students, the course remains highly affordable. Plus, the course has been approved by the Alabama State Department of Education and students can even earn high school science credit.

The Marine Science Course is now accepting applications. Join us for a truly unique learning experience, and make memories for a lifetime! Visit for complete program information and application form.