Gulf Detectives are back on a mission at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in October. Teachers around the world are invited to bring their students on this virtual field trip on Wednesday, October 19 11 a.m. until 12 p.m. CST. 

Episode 1 which aired last March explored the Mobile Bay watershed from the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, to the salt marsh and Mobile Bay. More than 10,000 students from Alabama and classes from as far away as India tuned in for the live event. 

Episode 2 of the Alabama Public Television’s Electronic Field Trip follows three young science detectives on a mission to learn more about Animals of the Northern Gulf of Mexico. 

This will be a busy mission for the detectives! They will go on a shark research boat trip to catch sharks and dissect a shark.  They’ll learn about oysters, oyster reefs, and explore the restoration of the oyster reefs around Coffee Island with The Nature Conservancy. They’ll also get dirty in marsh mud learning about the creatures that live there and how those creatures can help us understand the health of the Gulf of Mexico's ecosystem.

This IQ Learning Adventure will be a great way for teachers to address the disciplinary core ideas in the Life Sciences including From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes; Unity and Diversity; Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy and Dynamics and Earth and Human Activity.  Students will see examples of animal habitats, animal adaptations, food webs, and ecosystems, as well as human impacts and potential solutions.

But you don’t have to be a teacher or a student to learn!  Join DISL and APT for this virtual trip by registering at