SeaPerch ROV Competition

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Date: March 12, 2022
Registration: Opening January 10, 2022
Deadline to Register: March 2, 2022
Location: UMS-Wright Preparatory School, 65 Mobile Street, Mobile, AL 36607  

IMPORTANT! The details of this event may change due to COVID-19 state mandates or health guidelines. Please contact us or check this webpage for updates.

Discovery Hall Programs will host the second annual Alabama* SeaPerch ROV Competition in Spring 2022.  In this competition, students drive (fly) an ROV based on the SeaPerch design that they have built to complete pool-based courses. This single-day competition is open to middle and high school teams in the PVC class and will include the two pool courses (obstacle and mission) and the technical design report, which will be due in advance.  

*Please note that this competition is not limited to Alabama teams, but is open to teams across the region. 

The competition winner qualifies for the International SeaPerch Challenge. Additional information on SeaPerch competitions can be found on the SeaPerch website at  

SeaPerch ROV kits are available for purchase on the SeaPerch website. 

Registration fee: $25 per team (due in advance; invoices will be sent following registration)  

For more information, please email or contact Rachel McDonald at (251) 861-2141 x5076.

What is SeaPerch?

The primary mission of the SeaPerch Program is to provide students and teachers with the resources and curriculum they need to build a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The program provides students the opportunity to learn about STEM as well as problem-solving, teamwork, and technical applications. In addition, SeaPerch provides teacher online video training and curriculum-based off of the national and Common Core standards.

The SeaPerch program developed out of the MIT ocean engineering program and a partnership with the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Since 2011, the SeaPerch program has been managed by RoboNation as a part of the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Foundation (AUVSIF).
Find more details at SeaPerch Challenge

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