One Fish, Two Fish

Fishes of Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico will be used to demonstrate the concept that “form follows function” in the animal kingdom. Students will learn about these fish by handling preserved specimens. The focus will be on what makes a fish a fish. The students will learn about what the head, body, and tail shapes of fish tell us about what fish eat, where they live and how fast they swim.

Students will have an opportunity to create “new fish” by rolling three dice to design a new fish using the head of one fish, the body of another and the tail of a completely different fish! There will be a discussion about what this new fish might like to eat, where he might live and if this fish is a fast or slow swimmer. All of this will be done to reinforce the concepts taught with the preserved specimens.

Duration: approximately 1.5 hours
Recommendation: Kindergarten to 3rd grade

What to expect:

  • Students will learn fish characteristics
  • Students will learn about typical fish found in Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico
  • Students will handle preserved specimens
  • Students will use the knowledge they learn from the lesson to design a new fish species

What to wear and bring:

  • Students will be inside for this class. They will be sitting in chairs or on the floor.

Key words/topics to review with your students:

  • Fish characteristics
  • Vertebrate and Invertebrate

Alabama Course of Study Standards and Ocean Literacy Principles

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