Fins, Fishes, & Fisheries

Dates: TBA

Students are fascinated by fish, especially sharks.  This fascination offers an opportunity to engage students in many topics, including structure and processes, diversity, adaptations, population dynamics, human impacts, and sustainability.  Join us for this multi-day workshop to learn more about the biology of fish, our Gulf fish species, how scientists study fish, fisheries management, aquaculture, and seafood sustainability. We’ll explore a variety of fish collection techniques aboard DISL’s research vessels, we’ll visit local aquaculture facilities and learn about regional aquaculture successes, and we’ll hear about current research from fisheries scientists.  We’ll try our hands at being fishery managers and explore additional hands-on activities suitable for the classroom.

Cost: $100 registration fee, refundable upon completion of the workshop (workshop tuition, meals, and housing are FREE)

Priority is given for registration for MS-AL regional teachers until March 15, 2019. Teachers from outside the region are welcome to submit registration and be placed on the waiting list. After March 15, enrollment will be opened to all teachers, and remaining spaces will be filled from the waiting list first.

*Graduate credits available through UWA. Additional tuition applies. Please contact the DHP office for details.*

Please email or call (251) 861-2141 x7515 with any questions.

If any workshop is canceled due to low enrollment, all deposits will be refunded.

Funded by Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium.

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