Coastal Ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico

Dates: June 13-17, 2021

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How much do you know about the natural Gulf coast?  Join us to see Gulf coast ecosystems firsthand, explore their geology; investigate their physical features, weather, and climate; measure their abiotic characteristics; learn about the plants and animals that live in each, their morphology, homes, behavior, life cycles, and food webs; and discuss human effects and possible solutions on these increasingly impacted habitats.  This workshop is designed for elementary school teachers and will provide ocean examples that can be used to teach many of the required education standards.   Please note that we will spend a considerable portion of our time outdoors exploring and sampling these habitats.

Tuition: $100 registration fee, refundable upon completion of workshop (workshop tuition, meals, and housing is FREE)

*3 graduate credits available through UWA. Additional tuition applies.* 

Please contact at (251) 861-2141 x7515 with any questions. The workshop is open to all current K-12 classroom teachers and informal educators. Please indicate your current teaching position when applying. If any workshop is canceled due to low enrollment, all deposits will be refunded. 

Sponsored by the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium and Alabama's Center for Ecological Resilience

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