Coastal Habitats

The high energy side of Dauphin Island is a dynamic landscape. Erosion occurs daily, but tropical storms and hurricanes can have a dramatic effect. After an introduction to the beach, dune, and maritime forest habitats, students will explore them. Along the way, various animals and plants will be identified and discussed, highlighting their adaptations to their physical environment.

Duration: approximately 3.5 hours
Recommended: 5th grade to adult

What to expect:

  • Students will walk approximately 2 miles along the beach, over the dunes, and through the maritime forest. Feet may get wet!
  • Collections of shells and other non-living specimens, as well as plants are permitted, but please bring your own Ziploc bags (gallon size is recommended).

What to wear and bring:

  • Comfortable walking shoes, preferably sneakers, for walking in sand (no flip-flops or slides). Although no encounter with the water is planned during this activity, feet may get wet during a high tide.
  • Sun protection - sunscreen, hats, etc.
  • Water bottle (especially important for warm weather trips)

Key words to review with your students:

  • Dunes
  • Estuary
  • Erosion
  • Longshore current 

Alabama Course of Study Standards and Ocean Literacy Principles

To book your field trip, email or call (251) 861-2141 x7511.

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