(January 02, 2023) --

Lab photo from the bridge of Rachel Weisend, Dr. Brandi Kiel Reese, Caleb Boyd

Greetings from the icebreaker R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer!

We are currently a week into transit and only a few hours away from the ice edge and Antarctic circle (66° 30' S).

In this past week of transit we have: 

A) A view of our sea conditions from the bridge and B) an explanation of the rough seas we are experiencing

-Tested our stomachs and ever-improving sea legs as we travel around a sizeable storm (You may have noticed our ship's path has looked a little wonky at times)
-Learned the difference between swell sizes
-Learned that timing your movements based on the ship's trajectory is extremely helpful when opening doors and walking up or down stairs
-Honed our reflexes in catching our dinner plates, water bottles, laptops, and notebooks
-Attended a seminar about the types of wildlife we might encounter (penguins, and seals, and whales, oh my!)
-Caught the sunrise at 4 a.m. and sunset at 11 p.m.

Stargazing from the bow of the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer

-Midnight stargazing for the last time before there is no difference between day and night as we approach the Antarctic circle

Current location and trajectory as of January 2, 2023.

-Celebrated entering 2023 before the rest of the world!
-Made it up to the bridge
-Felt the shift from 14°C (~57°F) to freezing at 0°C
-Spotted our first iceberg!

More updates to come!
Written by Rachel Weisend
(65° 57.80' S,   179° 21.25' E)

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