(March 15, 2018) --

Justin Lewis, Patterson Lab, receives USA Thesis of the Year Award in Life Sciences Category from Dr. J. Harold Pardue, Dean of the University of South Alabama Graduate School.

Dauphin Island Sea Lab students took part in the University of South Alabama's 25th annual Graduate Symposium held March 12 through March 14. 

"It was nice to see the University of South Alabama recognizing research being done by students," DISL student Steve Dykstra said. " I enjoyed meeting some of the administrative people who make our research possible.  It would be nice to have all the research faulty and staff invited for a similar event next time."  

Justin Lewis, a member of Dr. Will Patterson's Lab, earned the USA Thesis of the Year award in the Life Sciences Category. His thesis covers the Use of Vertebral Chemistry to Infer Natal Origin of the Blacktip Shark (Carcharhinus limbatus) in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. 

Haley Nicholson, of Dr. Ruth Carmichael's Lab, was one of six students chosen to present her poster during the oral presentations at the symposium. Nicholson's presentation covered the Use of Elemental Signatures in Eastern Oyster (crassostria virginica) Shells to Assess Population Connectivity. 

Other DISL students presenting posters included:

Haley Nicholson, Carmichael Lab, was chosen to present her poster during the oral presentations at the symposium.

Carmichael Lab:

Ashley Frith, Kevin Calci, Ruth Carmichael: Sources of Bacterial Water Quality Indicators to Shellfish Growing Areas in the North Central Gulf of Mexico
Kayla DaCosta and Ruth Carmichael: Analysis of Manatee Periotic Bone Chemistry to Track West Indian Manatee Migration and Habitat Use in the Northcentral Gulf of Mexico
Anika Knight, Jessica Kinsella, Ruth Carmichael: Bivalve Shells as a Method of Determining Anthropogenic Sources to Estuarine Systems

Krause Lab:

Rebecca Pickering, Jeffrey Krause, Panagiotis Michalopoulos: Silicon Sorption Capacities on Mississippi River Plume Sediments
Israel Marquez, Ann Abraham, Jeffrey Krause: Method Development for Assessing Trophic Transfer of Domoic Acid from Pseudonitzchia spp. to Acartia tonsa

Dzwonkowski Lab:

Steven Dykstra and Brian Dzwonkowski: A Shifting Tidal Flood Limit in the Coastal Environment
Jeff Coogan and Brian Dzwondowski: Hydrographic Variability in Mobile Bay Associated with Coastal Upwelling and Downweeling

Kiene Lab:

Tara Williams, Ron Kiene, Katlin Esson, Philippe Tortell, John Dacey: The Biogeochemistry of Methanethoil in Near-Surface Waters of the Northeast Pacific Ocean

Lehrter Lab:

Alexis Hagemeyer, Meagan Hare, John Lehrter: The Effects Changing pH on the Groth and Grazing Rates of Phytoplankton Communities
Mai Fung and John Lehrter: Nearshore Ecosystem Metabolism Patterns on the Louisiana Continental Shelf