Mission and Vision

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab’s mission is to become a center for transformative U.S. oceanic and coastal research and education.


Research Support

Uniquely positioned on Dauphin Island, DISL offers researchers and students resources and close proximity for immediate research application.

  • Diving reciprocity for AAUS-compliant MESC faculty and graduate students
  • Access to visiting scientist lab space
  • In-house vessels and small boat user fees
  • Access to state-of-the-art running seawater facility
  • Access to DISL Data Management Center
  • Facilitated collaboration across 22 MESC institutions

Continuing Education Opportunities 

Widely recognized DISL University Programs offers continued hands-on learning during three summer sessions.

  • Graduate student teaching assistantship opportunities
  • Fellowship opportunities for resident students
  • MESC-member faculty teaching opportunities


Continuous learning opportunities for faculty and students both on campus and remotely for up-to-date scientific knowledge in marine education.

  • Formal class and field training for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Real-time and online scientific seminars on current marine environment topics
  • Online data management classes
  • Small boat operation training on DISL vessels
  • Scientific diving training
  • Weekend field trips that include vessel access and housing
  • Housing, auditorium facilities, and full-service dining for regional science meetings

Research Funding Opportunities

Access to grant funding opportunities through collaborative sources.

  • Coastal Research funding through the Alabama RESTORE Act Center of Excellence Program
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