Tina Miller-Way, Ph.D.

Tina Miller-Way, Ph.D.

Chair, Discovery Hall Programs

American Canoe Association certified


Tina serves as Chair of Discovery Hall Programs for Education and Outreach.  She has been associated with the Dauphin Island Sea Lab for more than 20 years in a variety of positions.  Tina holds a PhD from Louisiana State University and a MS in Oceanography from Oregon State University and taught at the University of Mobile and University of South Alabama for many years. 

Tina currently serves as Education Director for Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium and serves on the Sea Grant Education Network Board.  Tina enjoys sharing marine science with teachers and students, enjoys observing animals above and below the water line and has a particular fondness for worms and clams.

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Research Interest

Tina’s research interests include faunal mediation of benthic processes, particularly in soft sediments.  She is also interested in science education at all levels of study and is a proponent of experiential learning.  Recently, Tina has incorporated issues of climate change in her work.

Tina has received grants from NSF, NOAA, NOAA-BWET, Legacy, GOMA, EPA, NGI and GoMRI.  She currently serves on Alabama’s State Department of Education’s Strategic Planning Committee for Science.  



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