Title: Graduate Student Position in Coastal Ocean Processes
Date Posted: February 3, 2022

Job Details:

A graduate student position (Ph.D. preferred) is available to work with Dr. Brian Dzwonkowski. The student should have broad interests in coastal and estuarine processes.  The position would involve research related to coastal physical oceanography and the associated connections to water quality and shelf hypoxic.  The research would be focused on the role of coastal circulation and stratification on shelf dissolved oxygen patterns as well as how climate change is expected to impact the regional forcing conditions associated with shelf hypoxia. The research is expected to use a combination of existing and new observational data, oceanic and atmospheric reanalysis products, and appropriately down-scaled outputs from global climatological models to conduct statistical and mechanistic analyses in the coastal water of Alabama.  

Applicants should have a degree in marine science, mathematics, physics, engineering, or a similar field. The student will join the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of South Alabama and must meet eligibility requirements for the department (http://www.southalabama.edu/marinesciences/students.html).

The student will receive three years of research assistantship stipend (including tuition); funding in subsequent years could be through either research or teaching assistantships. A Ph.D. student is preferred, but highly qualified MS students will be considered.

Job Contact:

Interested students should contact Dr. Brian Dzwonkowski (briandz@disl.org) with a CV and brief statement of research interests and experience.